Gomez Family Farm

Building the Foundations for Self-Sufficiency


Grit Magazine Contributor

G√≥mez Family Farm is a 50 acre family owned farm that produces vegetables, fruits, honey, eggs, fish, pork and beef. We incorporate many homesteading skills on our farm to be self-sufficient. 

Our passion is to help others build the foundation of self-sufficiency through sharing our knowledge of homesteading skills and by building collaboration with our community partners to share knowledge and locally produced products. 

Picnic Tables for Sale

   Sturdy 8 ft. table sits 10-12 people $200

For Sale: Feeder Pigs $110

Our pigs are pasture and grain fed with no hormones. They have a mild temperament. They produce an exceptionally lean meat that has been described as flavorful and tender. They have a gentle nature. Our pigs are hormone free, antibiotic free, and are healthy and active. 

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To learn more about our adventures in farming, raising livestock, and being frugal and creative in our corner of the woods in Texas visit our blog thetexaspioneerwoman.blogspot.com .

To make a visit to our farm, please make reservations to stay at our cabin.