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Farm News

The Need for Families to be Self-Sufficient

Farm and ranch families comprise 2% of the U.S. population. But by the year 2050 we will have almost 10 billion people globally. Farmers will have to increase food production by 70% to feed them all. Our mission is to teach other farmers and families in rural, suburban and urban areas about farming, the great outdoors and self-sufficiency. We use many self-sufficiency skills on the farm such as gardening, animal husbandry, canning & preserving food, blacksmithing, slaughtering, butchering, and wine making.

February Happenings on the Farm

Farm Animals

We butchered 2 male feeder pigs and 1 steer this winter. We now have meat to last all of 2020 for our family! Slaughtering and butchering is a winter chore that last several days. It can be exhausting, but it feels great to know that we are stocked with healthy organic beef and pork.

We also have recently born piglets who are growing fast. They are available for purchase at $80 each. The piglets are Hampshire and Red Wattle cross. They have a mild temperament. They produce an exceptionally lean meat that has been described as flavorful and tender. They have a gentle nature. Our pigs are hormone free, antibiotic free, and are healthy and active. 

If you come for a farm tour, you will see Sadie, our milk cow, who is pregnant with her first calf. Also you will be able to see our other cows who are eating a lot of hay since we had our first deep freeze. Also we have lots of pigs and piglets who are growing fatter. You can pet our goat and sheep and see our free range chickens eating around the farm.

Farm Crops

We have already pruned some fruiting trees. We still need to prune our muscadine vines this month. We have planted onions, carrots, garlic and beets in the raised garden beds this month. I have already purchased seeds for early spring planting. I just need to clean out the greenhouse and get them started. We also are wanting to expand and move our blackberry patch to the front of our house right alongside the muscadines. That will be a pretty big job, but we are excited about it.

Gomez Family Farm Guests,

Please let us know if you would like to arrange a complimentary barnyard visit!